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Appointment Information - How Much Does It Cost?


There are a variety of choices for travel health care in Montréal and we hope this section will help you determine whether we offer the right service for you.

Medicare does not cover pre-travel health care. All travel clinics are “private” and none are “public”. Expect to pay a consultation fee no matter where you go and for any additional products and services you choose to receive. However, many insurance policies cover most of the cost of our services. Check with your insurance provider to see what coverage they offer.

Please note that we do offer reduced rates for children under six (6) years old.

Bon Séjour's reputation is our most important asset. This reputation is built on continuously offering the most up to date, comprehensive and individualized recommendations available in travel health. To build and maintain this level of care requires time, energy and passion and so we have specifically chosen not to compete with other travel clinics that cut corners or offer the cheapest service.

At Bon Séjour, we believe bargain shopping is great, but not when it comes to travel health. By choosing Bon Séjour, our travellers can trust that they have made the best investment for safe and healthy travel!


Health care is free for those with an up to date Medicare card.

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