Bon Séjour Inc.

Special Message to Corporations, Groups, and Travel Agents


Time away from work due to illness is difficult for the employee and employer.
Minimize risk of illness by investing in a thorough pre-travel assessment by an expert in the field.

Want to optimize your time?

Have our expert come to you! Our travel physician will deliver full care to your group of employees at the convenience of your workplace!

Our travel physician can even come to your workplace with the annual influenza vaccine!

Contact us and ask for the Director to learn more!

Groups (Non-Corporate)

Get uniform recommendations and the most up-to-date advice from one source!
Reserve a block of time at Bon Séjour – we can even accommodate off hour visits for your group!

Contact us and ask directly for Dr. Billick to learn more!

Travel Agents

Is your company interested in responsible travel and tourism?

So are we!

At Bon Séjour, we believe that acknowledging travel associated risk won’t scare travellers into staying at home. Rather, travellers will be better informed and so have the opportunity to do something about it.

If you join our travel agent referral program (TARP), your clients will have quick access to the most comprehensive travel health service on the West Island. Everyone benefits!

Join TARP and be well covered!

Call us to learn more!