Bon Séjour Inc.

Appointment Information - How Much Time Does It Take?

Your visit takes as long as needed to thoroughly evaluate risk and minimize it.

On average, you may expect the visit to take 20-45 minutes per person.

However, at Bon Séjour we recognise your time is valuable.

All your travel care is managed when you see us.

We don't send you to a pharmacy to buy vaccines and have you come back for the injection.

We don't make one appointment with a nurse and then another with a family doctor for prescriptions.

We don’t make you waste time looking around for excellent quality travel accessories – they are on site!

All vaccines, prescriptions and expert advice on ways to avoid illness are taken care of by a Travel and Tropical Medicine certified physician during your visit.

You can even save more time if you register ahead of time by email - ask us how when you call to make an appointment.

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