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Vaccines for Non-Travellers

Want To Stay Healthy and Not Travelling Now?

In Canada we are privileged to have access to safe and effective vaccines that prevent disease or at least make illness less severe. Many of these tools are important to receive even if we do not travel.

Detailed knowledge about these vaccines is a constantly evolving field. For this reason, family doctors and other physicians have increasingly been referring their patients to Bon Séjour in the absence of travel.

Did you know there is a vaccine to help prevent shingles (zoster)?

Did you know we can decrease the risk of cervical cancer (in women) and genital warts (in young women and men)?

And we recommend seasonal influenza vaccination for everyone over 6 months, even if you do not travel!

Contact us to learn about the risks, benefits and even the myths related to these vaccines!

Are You About To Receive Drugs That Suppress The Immune System?

Medications that offer the promise of improving the lives of people affected by many medical conditions such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease, are increasingly being used.

Unfortunately, many of these drugs also increase the risk of infection. More and more, physicians and patients alike realise the benefit of immunization before these immune suppressing drugs are started.

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