Bon Séjour Inc.

What Makes Us Unique - The Vaccines We Offer

We have all vaccines approved in Canada.

This includes routine vaccines, uncommon ones as well as tightly regulated vaccines such as Yellow Fever.

Under International Health Regulations, Yellow Fever vaccine is distributed in Canada only to travel centres that have met stringent requirements. Our service is an officially designated yellow fever vaccination centre by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Certain vaccines are strongly recommended even if you are not travelling, just to stay healthy.

Storing and monitoring vaccines is extremely important in order to ensure that they are safe and effective. This critical aspect of immunization is left up to the individual clinic and is not subject to significant regulation in Canada.

Bon Séjour is particularly proud to have a unique system that guarantees our vaccine integrity so that you can be sure our vaccines are safe and effective from the time of production to the time you receive it.

Last, but not least, those of you who don’t like needles will be happy to hear that we even have some vaccines that are available as drinks and sprays!

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