Bon Séjour Inc.

The Prevention We Offer at Bon Séjour is the Best Way to Decrease your Chances of Bringing Home Unwelcome Souvenirs!

Unfortunately, Travellers Get Sick.

Believe it or not, half of all travellers to the developing world will develop some sort of health problem. Among the myriad threats that we address with our travellers is widespread hepatitis A and B, typhoid, HIV, yellow fever as well as increasingly drug resistant infections.

Unprotected travellers commonly return with fever, gastrointestinal problems and skin disease. Don’t forget about mosquito related diseases especially malaria which can be life-threatening - there are hundreds of cases in Canada per year!

Much of Travel-Related Illness is Preventable.

Bon Séjour’s tools are appropriate vaccination, personal protection measures, prescription medication, select accessories and expert education. Effective use of these tools, however, requires knowledge of world geography, an understanding of diverse disease patterns and a commitment to keeping up to date with outbreak information, drug resistance data and the latest developments in the field. That’s a lot! Increasingly, travellers, and indeed other doctors, request the expertise of a Travel and Tropical Medicine physician whose main job is to keep up to date with the ever expanding body of knowledge required to effectively practice our specialty.

We Practice Both Travel and Tropical Medicine.

There are many nurse and pharmacy run travel clinics where you can get “shots”. However, at Bon Séjour, we know Travel Medicine is more than just “shots” because our team also takes care of travellers who come back sick. The perspective we have from taking care of ill-returned travellers translates into thorough, up-to-date and accurate recommendations for departing travellers who want to stay healthy.

Integrating prevention and treatment is the ideal combination to provide comprehensive care for all the issues that travellers face. Travellers to the tropics who live or work in the West Island now have easy access to a physician with expertise in Travel and Tropical Medicine.

For your next trip, consider Bon Séjour!